November 22, 2017

"Dylan, I’m left speechless once more!  The kukri is an astonishingly beautiful work of supreme craftsmanship. I am in awe of your skill. It is as if the blade was formed by the spiritual forces of creation itself, not by mortal hands. The balance is perfect and the blade is keen, and I love the giraffe bone handle scales.  The attention you give to every detail is, in my opinion, unmatched.  I have collected a lot of knives over the years from different makers (production, semi-custom, and some custom), but you are a truly unique craftsman/metal artist in a class by yourself…"

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I am the one overseeing this website, creating content, posting, sharing... While we are both creative artists, Dylan prefers to spend little time on the screen. I enjoy creating as much as playing with the social aspect of this virtual space. I love to sing, swim, paint, design, dance, skate, surf (though I haven't in way too long), yoga, being with family and friends, naps, though I rarely take one. Born in Peru and raised in New York City, I am a designer by trade, artist from the heart, ecopreneur and vegan. A lover of people, planet and culture.

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