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the Sage & the Butterfly : Explorers, artists, free spirits living, creating, working and traveling the continent. Follow our adventures + shop our online store.


We are a husband and wife creative duo homesteading in the forest, traveling the continent and sharing about our journey. We also have an online store where people can buy our merchandise. Our online store features our work and the work of artists and designer friends whose lines we love.

Dylan Farnham of Sage Blades is a metal artist specializing in knives, razors and survival tools that are functional works of art. Violeta Villacorta is a fashion designer and artist who creates sustainable fashion, art, promotes the protection of the Amazon jungle and the beautiful work handmade by talented rainforest artisans through her jewelry brand ORG BY VIO.

Dylan (the Sage) and Violeta (the Butterfly) met in Kuna Yala in the islands of San Blas, Panama. Dylan was traveling from Canada to the tip of South America and was stranded on the Kuna island of Yandub, where Violeta went to visit the Kuna for just one day. Dylan had missed a boat - that was to take him to Colombia - the day before. Violeta was in Yandub on a short visit and saw Dylan coming out of his hut when she arrived.  That's when they met. They spent time talking, dining together and watching a cultural show put on by the Kuna for a few tourists from neighboring islands. A month later, they happened to be in Quito at the same time. Dylan took Violeta on his motorcycle, which he had bought in Colombia to continue on his journey. Their love blossomed in Ecuador. A few months later, they met again in Brazil and traveled the eastern coast up to Salvador-Bahia on his motorcyle. After an intercontinental courtship, British Columbia native Dylan moved from Canada to Southern California and married Peruvian-born, NYC-raised Violeta.

In 2014, we opened the Sage & the Butterfly store in Idyllwild, California, which is now an online-only store with occasional pop-ups, trunk shows and festivals. After years in Southern California, with many road trips in between, we bought a fifth wheel trailer and after doing some remodeling, we went traveling the continent with our dogs in our big caravan... Creating, living, working, exploring, bringing you stories and handcrafted treasures at www.thesageandthebutterfly.com.

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