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"You are fantastic Violeta, continue to inspire and share the talents of others. We appreciate both you and Dylan. Much love and luck."

Markie & Dylen

"I love the unique and special items. The owner is so thoughtful of others and is contributing significantly to peace, love, sharing and equity in this world."

Elena Y.

"Awesome! Great store. I love my purse... will buy another!"

Phoenix B.

"Love your store and your story. Unique all the way around!"

Richard V.

"What a wonderful shop! Pure magic filled with gorgeous one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing. We had a great experience!"

Kristine W.

"Personal attention!!"

Kevin R.

"Todo perfecto!!"

Natalie O.

"Amazing! Truly a jewel in the village of Idyllwild. Beautiful and unique Boho and ethnic finds."

Mary L.

"Shop is awesome and so is the owner."

Carol B.

"Everything! It's precious!"

Rena L.

"True talents."

undisclosed customer

"Love the store."


"Thanks for the beautiful beaded bracelet Violeta! I will visit your store again. Be Well."

undisclosed customer

"It was so lovely to meet you Violeta. Joe and I loved your shop - so unique and special. And it is wonderful that you are helping many artisans working in South America. I will cherish my earring as a remembrance of a beautiful experience. Best to you!!"


"Provided cool information about the product and it was made locally."


"Great shopping experience!!!!"

undisclosed customer

"A beautiful shop with lovely handmade items from Latin America and by the creative and talented owners!"


"Shopping at this boutique was a pleasure. I love all of Violeta's beautiful pieces and she was warm and welcoming! I will be back!!!"

Kathleen R.

"Unique, interesting, true artisanship."

Kristin S.

"Violeta is not only talented, but a warm beautiful woman. I love my necklaces...thank you!"

Vivian G.

"Such a pleasure meeting you and taking in your most beautiful store!!! Will see you again soon!! Love my earrings and I know one day will be able to have you make me a top!!! Thank you for sharing your Talents!!!! Blessings and Infinite Love!!"


"Just a great little shop and a wonderful shopping experience!"

Theresa B.

"Loved all your unique gifts!"

Jo S.

"Went to see Violeta Sunday.... What an awesome little shop. Just enough product to see the whole range. A few of Dylan's blades in there, that alone is worth the trip! Go check it out."

Mark C.

"Violeta was wonderful! Bought a beautiful necklace from her today. In love with it! She has a beautiful heart. Thank you for the gorgeous necklace! I'm so excited about it."

Steph O.

"It was wonderful talking with Violeta and taking time to pick out the necklace I purchased! Love it and can't wait to wear it and tell everyone about you, your work and my WONDERFUL visit to Idyllwild CA. Thank you:) xoxo"

Heidi N.

"Dylan, I’m left speechless once more!  The kukri is an astonishingly beautiful work of supreme craftsmanship. I am in awe of your skill. It is as if the blade was formed by the spiritual forces of creation itself, not by mortal hands. The balance is perfect and the blade is keen, and I love the giraffe bone handle scales.  The attention you give to every detail is, in my opinion, unmatched.  I have collected a lot of knives over the years from different makers (production, semi-custom, and some custom), but you are a truly unique craftsman/metal artist in a class by yourself…"


"OMFG… This thing is beyond cool! I am seriously floored! As always you have far surpassed my wildest expectations. My only regret is that I can’t seem to find the words to adequately express my excitement! D Great work man… really… your skill never ceases to leave me in awe. I can’t wait to come up with another design worthy of your talent!"


"WOW! I received the package. By far this is the best knife in my collection. Truly amazing – the care scroll, the leather/kydex sheath, and craftsmanship and art of the knife itself. WOW! Thank you so much. I look forward to more works of art…"


"Hi Dylan,
You really know how to make someones day! I just got home to find one of the greatest packages that the USPS has ever delivered:) It’s amazing to see up close how much quality and craftsmanship went into the bronze karambit. The Striation texture that you applied to the blade is just incredible and DAMN is it sharp! This is far and away the best looking karambit I have ever seen."

undisclosed customer

I cant wipe the smile of my face!  I just received the scimitar and HOLY COW, this thing is amazing! I’ve spent the last 15 minutes outside admiring your work in the sunlight, just beautiful, not to mention the incredible sheath.  I’m going to go drool some more but thank you again for the amazing piece, I will treasure it for a very long time!  My daughter has already claimed it as her own when I pass, looks like it’s going to be a family heirloom:) The scimitar has cured the itch for now but I will need more of your blades in the near future…..I’m addicted!!"


"I just received the LUCKY CHESHIRE in the mail the other day here in Western Australia. I love the handling and functionality of it. Truly a piece of functional art. The only problem is that your blades are like trading cards, I want to collect them all hahaha. I look forward to see what comes out of sage blades next and hope I’m lucky enough to get some more pieces of your art."

undisclosed customer

"Oh my God, Dylan, it’s so beautiful, thank you so much for going the extra mile on it! David is going to literally lose his mind when he sees it. It looks absolutely perfect. Now shut up and take my money!"


"Received the knife today. Super impressive man. Beautiful craftsmanship. Definitely the sharpest knife of its size I’ve encountered.  Feels great in my hand, look forward to putting it to use. Let me know about the others (vipers) and whenever you get to the point of taking new orders I’d like to get in line. Thanks again  I'm super stoked!!"