What We Love

We know many wonderful people, artists, companies and organizations that are doing great work and have like-minded values. Aside from our work and the unique lines we carry at our shop, we want to share what we love with you here. Click on the featured images to visit their websites and scroll through others listed below.

El Buen Cacao – The only purist organic chocolatiers, period. Husband and wife owners, Jessica Ramirez and Erik Landis, met as archeologists on a job. They fell in love with each other and the ancient history of cacao. Everything is handcrafted with the best organic cacao beans from the Central and South American rainforests. They also have a non-profit, Cacao for the People, to support indigenous cacao growers and chocolate makers. Our go to’s are a cup of The Violeta (named after your truly, made with a vegan milk, plus some spices and Maca) and the Phantom drinks – hot or on ice, depending on the season – plus truffles and a chocolate bar. If you you are in Idyllwild, CA, you’ll be glad you stopped by. Otherwise, you can buy their bars at elbuencacao.co.

Boulder Ki Aikido – At One Dojo, a peace-focused martial arts Boulder-CO dojo that trains the human spirit through the practice of Mind-Body-Unified Aikido and Japanese Yoga. Aikido is a traditional, non-competitive, Japanese martial art meaning “the way of harmony with universal energy (ki, prana, chi).” Husband, father of three, business consultant in the fields of branding, marketing, design, and a serial entrepreneur, Boulder- Ki Aikido executive director and lead instructor, Abel Villacorta Sensei, has been teaching and sharing the application of mind-body coordination principles, on and off the mat, since 1995. Villacorta Sensei has a genuine dedication for inspiring students of all ages to discover their true inner power and to live life positively. Boulder-Ki Aikido instructors share this same dedication. Classes are open to adults, teens and children at One Dojo.

Blue Collar Working Dog – The very first brick and mortar retailer to specialize in gear and supplies for working, sporting and active dogs. With unique specialty products ranging from police k9 gear, sport gear, service dog gear, dog handler gear and training supplies and extreme athlete food, they are not your run-of-the-mill pet store. An interactive store with great obstacle courses your dog can enjoy while you shop.

Kenny Scharf – Inspired by the futuristic cartoons and shows of the 70s, Kenny has been making art that is fun, often bringing current issues to light. His themes and brilliant colors brighten up a space. He exhibits all over the world and does collaborations with designers and brands. But he also makes his art accessible to the masses with his karbomz and Scharftees. Kenny can paint your car with his fun characters, for free, in efforts to beautify the driving experience. Search #karbombz and visit his website.

Valerie von Sobel – A spunky artist, most recently featured in Ari Seth Cohen’s book Advanced Style: Older & Wiser, is a creative force for good. Valerie is art herself, using fashion and assemblage art as her chosen expression. You can see her art work and a video of her process on her website. She also founded Andre River of Life Foundation, named after her teenage son who died of a malignant brain tumor. Compassion Can’t Wait was created to help single parent families with a catastrophically ill child that are in financial despair.  Check out her art and philanthropic work.

Amazon Watch – Founded over 20 years ago, Amazon Watch works in support of indigenous people and protection of the Amazon basin. They have also been longtime supporters of our fundraising efforts for projects with the talented artisans whose work we sell at our online store and ORG BY VIO. You can stay updated on their initiatives and work by visiting their website and donate to them to continue protecting the lungs of the Earth.

Casa Paraiso Verde – Nestled in 60 hectares of Atlantic rainforest and along one of the most beautiful beaches of Bahia in Brazil, Paraiso Verde is where you reconnect with nature. Here, you will feel the wind, hear the waves and smell the sweetness of the air. The house is built with simplicity and elegance, using local materials and workmanship. They use solar energy and water from the property as they look to tread as lightly as possible on the earth. There is an an endless beach for running, a river for watsu, waves to surf and dolphins to play with. Indulge with a massage, do yoga or just rest in a hammock in the shade of a palm tree. Enjoy paradise! We did… some years ago.

Blue Collar Working Dog – Deborah is a creative force who brings together her achievements from over the past 15 years as a world renowned photographer, artist and art director to develop an integrated approach to branding. Known for the personalized approach, Deborah Anderson Creative is all about visual brand development which takes place across all mediums including photographic, video, graphic design, interiors, personal style and design. From logos, website and social media needs to iconic imagery for artists, restaurants, hotels and more. She recently opened a gallery in the enchanting mountain town of Idyllwild, CA, which showcases her beautiful photographic works. You can also purchase her photographs on her website.

D:Ceramics – A collection of ceramics by artist Denise Lopez, who works from her home studio in Los Feliz, CA. She designs gracefully functional clay ware that reflects a timeless aesthetic. A longtime graphic designer, Denise took up ceramics to explore a fresh creative medium. She finds sitting at the wheel therapeutic—it’s a journey of artistic discovery that brings her peace while teaching her how to embrace imperfection. Her work is inspired by Japanese ceramic art, mid-century pottery and minimalist design.

i2i Productions – i2i creates films with a mission to unite through wisdom and entertainment. It is known for going to extreme places and lengths to follow heroic stories that bring insights into important issues and ourselves. Among other documentaries, the award winning film The Highest Pass (2012) takes a deep look at fear and death amidst an epic Himalayan motorcycle adventure. The Road to Dharma, a follow up to The Highest Pass, is a documentary series for television and takes us on an inquiry into what it means to be truly free. I (Violeta) was honored to sing in 3 songs on The Highest Pass, which will also be featured in The Road to Dharma. Adam Schomer, principal at i2i Productions, produced the feature documentary Heal (2017) that looks at the science and journey behind changing one’s beliefs, thoughts, emotions and perceptions in order to cure disease. Heal features the likes of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Anita Moorjani and many more. Watch Heal, The Highest Pass documentary films and The Road to Dharma trailer – stay tuned for when it airs.

Ink2iP – With the looks of a rock star and the mind of an inventor, our friend Michael Rivellino is the mastermind behind Ink2iP and other creative projects. Ink2iP is a resource for inventors, artists and entrepreneurs, where they can find information for patents, trademarks, copyrights and more, in order to help them protect intellectual property. If you need to copyright, trademark or patent your next creation, and have never done it before, you will find Ink2iP rich with information and resources you need.

Ira Meyer Photography – Ira Meyer is a world-acclaimed photographer who has been capturing the beauty of the frozen poles, people and wildlife of this precious planet that we all share. His work brings awareness to fragile regions and the many species at risk of extinction. Upon meeting Ira in Ventura, CA over a decade ago, I became a fan and friend of this outstanding Bronx native and visual artist. Visit his website to see his vast body of work.

Kue King – Kue King is art himself. With a unique fashion sense and eclectic style, he enchants with his being and his masterful works of metal art. He weaves metal wire in organic shapes that are filled with symmetry and sacred geometry. Each piece reminds you of nature and radiates a grounding, empowering and meditative energy, depending on the state you are in. Kue and his partner Corbett Griffith exhibit at art festivals in key cities in the US and have a very personal approach in helping their clients choose the perfect piece for their homes and public spaces.

Mountain Mike – Mountain Mike is an icon in Idyllwild, CA. A true mountain man who can survive and thrive in the wild, he is a master craftsman of native mocassins, holsters, sheaths, chaps and other accessories. He also has a line of handcrafted natural shampoos, grooming and skin care products. Visit his workshop-store when you are in the area or visit his website to shop online.

Muse School – Located in Malibu, CA, the Muse School is a pre-K to 12th grade model school, where children get a well-rounded and environmentally conscious education. Muse School is powered by 100% solar energy and implements zero waste practices. Students are also immersed in growing their own organic food that is served in their plant-based cafeteria.

Spider Acrobatics – Spider Acrobatics provides the best in entertainment. Based in Southern Florida, they perform a variety of events from corporate events to kids parties. Lead performer Marcos Melo aka Spider or Aranha, as he is known in Brazil, is a multi-talented artist. His skills amaze and inspire young and old and include acrobatics, capoeira, juggling, stilts, fire dancing, Chinese pole and flying trapeze. Marcos also travels the world performing with troupes, as well as teaching trapeze and capoeira.

Tamra Copper Bottles – These gorgeous Ayurvedic copper bottles are as beautiful as they are beneficial to your health: as an immune booster, for increased vitality, among other benefits. Made in India and stamped with the imprint of LOVE. Instead of coffee, begin your day with the clean, crisp taste of Tamra Jal and set LOVE as your intention. Tamra Jal translates to “copper water” and is the name given to water stored in a copper vessel for at least 6 hours. Copper is anti-microbial and helps neutralize toxins, while also ionizing and balancing the pH in water.

The FFS – Sisters Cheryl Freeman and Donna Freeman Hughes are the design partners behind the FFS, an accessories studio based in Los Angeles and Miami. Before they joined creative forces in 2011, they garnered over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, initially as print and runway models in New York and London. Their jewelry can read as high or low, gritty or luxe, earthy or futuristic, depending on the wearer’s mood. Cheryl and Donna source materials from around the globe, but their products are made with love in the USA. You can find them in fine retailers across the country, including Barney’s New York, Base Miami, and Fred Segal Melrose in L.A.

UNIS – A Pre-K-to-12th grade, coeducational, college-preparatory day school, the United Nations International School (UNIS), located in New York City, was established in 1947 by a group of United Nations parents to provide an international education for their children, while preserving their diverse cultural heritages. This is where my siblings and I (Vio) went to school. Mom worked at the UN for over 23 years. UNIS gave us a utopian experience that made a life-long impression and is the basis for how we lead our lives today.


Arcadia Power – Commercial and residential clean electricity, without the need to install solar or other renewable energy producing on-site. We used Arcadia Power at home and our store back in Idyllwild, CA. Our home in Ventura had a solar array system that I had installed, which gave 2/3 of the energy produced back to the grid, after supplying the home with all its electric needs, and even cancelling the gas service. Since we were renting in Idyllwild, Arcadia Power made it possible to power our house and business with clean energy.

GreenGeeks – 200%-300% wind energy web hosting. This website, as well as our other websites – orgbyvio.com, violetavillacorta.com, richveganrecipes.com and wildvioletmusic.com are hosted by GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks makes it possible for those of us who want a web presence, while maintaining green practices intact. Choose green hosting for your websites.

Cali Bamboo – By manufacturing high-quality materials made from renewable resources such as bamboo, the company helps to maintain old growth forests for future generations–reducing CO2 emissions, deforestation, and loss of natural habitat for more breathable air and a much brighter future. I first learned about them back in 2005 when I ordered bamboo poles for a fence I had made. Since then, they have added a number of products, including the gorgeous recycled vinyl and bamboo floors we installed in our Gypsy Caravan-fifth wheel trailer.

Greenerprinter – For all printing needs, including 100% post-consumer recycled papers and plant based inks. We have been using Greenerprinter for over a decade and we love their work and dedication to greener practices. All our printed materials and business cards for the Sage & the Butterfly, Sage Blades, ORG BY VIO and Violeta Villacorta are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, using plant-based inks. Their quality is superb.

Mobile RV Works – After looking for mobile solar installers for some time, we came across Robert’s yelp page. It wasn’t easy getting someone to come up to Idyllwild, CA, to install on location. Robert got us all we needed to start us with room to add more panels and energy storage down the line. We are extremely happy with the install on our trailer. If you are looking to have solar installed on your trailer, Robert is the man for the job. He knows his business and will work out best options for your needs and budget. Robert is also very accessible over the phone when we have any questions regarding our solar and trailer in general. We highly recommend his work and expertise.

www.NaturalEarthPaint.com – If you are an artist, Natural Earth Paints are gorgeous paints made with natural earth, mineral pigments and organic ingredients for fine artists and children. They have an array of colors, as well as natural non-toxic oils and thinners.

For other talents we know and love, not included here, see them on this Pinterest board.

Other resources and companies we haven’t listed here, visit violetavillacorta.com/eco-resources.