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While Dylan was between California and Idaho making beautiful knives and razors during winter and summer, I spent the first half of the year in Florida with family and friends. It was the perfect place for me to spend this time, while the world shutdown. The tropical weather, nature, walks outside and the ocean were so good for my body and soul.

Since everything was closed and I wasn’t able to do in person pop-ups with our collections, I got creative with a few projects. During this time, I wrote my new Rich + Vegan recipe eBook, a compilation of over 100 original dishes I have created in my years as a vegan – almost 9 years, as I write this. You can read a bit of my journey and Dylan’s path into a compassionate vegan lifestyle in the intro on my book. I also included a few of Dylan’s yummy foraged veggie dishes.

I completed it in Colorado where I spent a couple of months enjoying more family time, playing in the river, skateboarding; making the best of it, as the country slowly reopened. Dylan came down to Boulder with our dog ‘Tila and we finally were together again after months apart.

Rich + Vegan is for everyone who wants to add more plant foods to their diet, and for vegan foodies alike. Filled with rich nutrition and flavor, it features 150 pages with over 100 delicious vegan recipes and full color photos.

The eBook format is a great way to instantly download the cookbook anywhere in the world, without the need to ship, saving energy and trees. You can download it to your devices and, if you like, you can also print it – preferably on tree-free, fsc or recycled paper.

Visit to buy and instantly download on Etsy.

Bon Appetit!


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