Enchanting Southwest

We weren’t quite ready to be back in California last fall, so we spent some time in the enchanting Southwest.

First stop, Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was our first time for both of us. I can’t believe I’d never been to Santa Fe before! Santa Fe is such a rich city with culture and art everywhere, plus great food. We were there only two days to visit our friend and host, Robin, who took us around the town. After settling at the campsite, we started with her gallery, Happy, named after a little parrot Robin nursed back to health in Hawaii and moved with him to Santa Fe. Happy, the gallery, features artist Kurt Schmidt and jewelry artist Nathan Pilon.

It was late and we hopped across to The Teahouse for some food. They were able to accommodate our vegan taste buds. The Teahouse is a hot spot with a laid-back atmosphere and a modern, rustic vibe. The many seating arrangements give you the option to join others at a large communal table or a more intimate experience for two.

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The next day, we walked around town to see as much as we could in such a short time. We visited a few galleries and an old knife store, where the owner shared his journey on a now very sought after location alongside La Fonda Hotel.


Santa Fe is surrounded by adobe architecture, art and galleries. One artist caught my eye. For some time, I’ve been into making art in golden tones, using paint and gold leaf. So, when I stumbled upon a gallery featuring Andrew Fisher’s golden art, I was mesmerized. His work is enlightening, beautiful and powerful with glistening golden tones that draw you into another realm.

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Beautiful adobe architecture.


A soulful truck.


In the evening we dined at El Farol, where they serve delicious Spanish tapas and paellas. They even had some dishes that could be adjusted to fit our vegan palate.  They also feature live music and, if you are lucky, you can see Flamenco performances. We’ll have to go back for that!

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We couldn’t leave without seeing the works of one of my favorite artists at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. Georgia O’Keefe has been an inspiration in my life, as an artist, a modern woman who lived by her own drum beat, or brush stroke. Her paintings that most strike me are her flowers and bones. I can see how the desert captivated her. She was in love with the tranquil and sensual scapes.

Georgia O’Keeffe, “Narcissa’s Last Orchid,” 1940.


We ran into old Patagonia friends, Kena and Joanna, with new members of the design team at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. They had stumbled upon Happy gallery where they met Robin, who mentioned my name to them and told them I was in town. It was so good to see them in person after many years. Would’ve loved to spend more time with them, but we were on a quick visit of Santa Fe.

The rich Native American and Pueblo spirit is present everywhere in Santa Fe. Next time we come this way, we will spend more time to explore the sites and immerse ourselves in New Mexico history.


We continued on to Petrified Forest National Park. It’s incredible to be in an ancient petrified forest that used to be near the equator, where Central America sits today, during a time when Pangea was still one huge supercontinent 225 million years ago. It takes you back in time as you imagine a lush forest with dinosaurs roaming the land. We stayed there one night. We enjoyed watching the vastness, as the Sun went down. The beautiful earthen colors of striped sediment, juxtaposed with blue skies and golden splendor makes the heart beat with ecstasy.


Taking a nap and earthing on some geodes.


We decided to go see Meteor Crater.


Next stop, Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is another place that I’d been meaning to visit for a very long time. As we made our way around the curved roads, the majestic red cathedrals came into view. What a sight to encounter. I could just feel like the early pioneers when they ventured west and saw this place for the first time. What energizing beauty.


We boondocked in Sedona for a week where we got a lot of work done. Dylan made another blade and razor, while I designed a collection for a sustainable purse company.  It was the perfect place amidst the desert sounds and silence with incredible views all around. We hiked with the dogs and explored the surroundings.

Boondocking in Sedona. The Gypsy Caravan in the distance.


As remote as we seemed to be, we had good cell reception and our hotspots worked great. We gotta stay connected. We depend on it! After all, we are not on vacation. We are full time traveling while we work and play!


Working in Sedona.


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